Beautiful Heart Bobble Stitch!

Today’s free pattern is a Crochet Heart Bobble Stitch. This beautiful crochet pattern will make a lovely blanket, as well as very attractive potholders if you make two squares and then attach them back to back. I do highly recommend that if you decide to crochet a set of potholders, you create two heart squares … Read more

Sweet Pineapple Baby Dress Pattern

I’ve got the perfect crochet pattern for crochet enthusiasts who love creating adorable outfits for babies! You’ll have your little darling, or someone else’s little darling, looking as sweet as can be in this pineapple-inspired baby dress. Besides being a joy to crochet, this pattern also results in a stunning and unique garment, ideal for … Read more

Refreshingly Romantic Heart Envelope Applique!

Make your own handcrafted greeting card with this cute crochet heart envelope applique!  It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other special occasions. It’s also a great way to use up leftover yarn and show off your crochet skills. Although it was designed for Valentine’s Day, this envelope also works great for birthdays and anniversaries, … Read more

Terrific Valentine’s Day Jar Cover!

Just add this cozy to your favorite jar and add your recipient’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy, for an extra special Valentine gift! Additionally, your recipient can hide in it all different kinds of small things, such as paper clips, after all the candy has been consumed!  Originally created for Valentine’s Day, this design can be … Read more