Halloween “Kitten Misha” Amigurumi…FREE Crochet Pattern

The FREE crochet pattern for this adorable “Misha” kitten Halloween decoration includes complete instructions for crocheting the kitty, her hat, her collar, her legs, tail, and ears, as well as instructions for the accompanying pumpkin! Anyone who happens to see this amazing Halloween decoration adorning your Halloween decor will definitely not soon be able to … Read more

Adorable “Agatha and Argus” Free Crochet Pattern!

Although it’s not anywhere near Valentine’s Day, I absolutely could not pass up this “Argus and Agatha” free crochet pattern when I stumbled across it! This would make a very cool Valentine’s Day gift for virtually anyone in your life, be it someone in your immediate family, someone at the office, or anyone else you … Read more

Who Can Resist This Lil Cutie?!?! (Free Crochet Tutorial)

Whether or not you are knowledgeable about the Chinese New Year, which this adorable monkey apparently represents, you have to admit that this is one of the cutest, most adorable animal crochet projects ever seen! Named Kiko by the designer, the FREE crochet tutorial for this project comes complete with banana instructions. I particularly LOVE … Read more

Elaborate Ornamental Decorated Crochet Easter Eggs (Free Pattern)

Although chocolate eggs are definitely the best at Easter hands-down, these crocheted beauties do not fall far behind. You can never have too many decorative Easter eggs laying around at Easter, and these ones won’t spoil if left out at room temperature for days on end! Each egg requires 18 rounds to completion. Although there … Read more