Terrific Valentine’s Day Jar Cover!

Just add this cozy to your favorite jar and add your recipient’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy, for an extra special Valentine gift! Additionally, your recipient can hide in it all different kinds of small things, such as paper clips, after all the candy has been consumed!  Originally created for Valentine’s Day, this design can be … Read more

Amazing Armchair Caddy! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

Are you on the constant hunt for your TV remote control(s), which somehow always seem to end up hidden deeply within the sides of your favorite recliner or couch? This incredibly handy armchair/couch arm caddy will stop the never-ending hunt for your remotes! This is a great beginner pattern, although if you do have some … Read more

Crochet This Spa Basket Like a Boss! (Free Pattern)

This very unique spa basket crochet project, when finished, will make you and your guests feel like they just stepped into a 5-star hotel! The finished project, while appearing very “dainty,” is also very sturdy, and makes a great storage spot for many things including small soaps, cosmetics, jewelry, and much more! This project calls … Read more