How To Crochet Star Stitch

The crochet star stitch is a stitch pattern that consists of rows of starburst-like stitches, each of which is worked with multiple loops. There are many names for this stitch, and sometimes it is called the “Marguerite stitch,” or the “daisy stitch,” even “spiked cluster.” It is helpful to know these names, because it gives you … Read more

How To Crochet A Magic Ring

As the name suggests, a crochet magic ring is a very useful tool for crocheting in the round. It is also known as an adjustable ring or a magic circle. When it comes to using the magic ring method, I love it because it takes out that troublesome hole that can form in the middle … Read more

How To Do A Single Crochet Stitch

How To Single Crochet In A Foundation Chain This first video shows you how to do single crochet in a foundation chain. Further down, immediately below this video, is another video that shows how to do single crochet into previously completed single crochet stitches. How To Single Crochet In Last Row Of Crochet Next is … Read more

How To Do A Chain Stitch In Crochet

A chain stitch is one of the most essential parts of crocheting. As soon as you have made a slip knot, the next step you usually face when working on a project is to create a series of chain stitches. It is the chain stitches that provide the foundation on which the rest of the … Read more