Quickly & Easily Crochet This One-of-A-Kind iPhone Cover! (Free Tutorial)

Crochet something that is both incredibly unique, exquisite, and beautiful, as well as entirely useful, for that special someone (most likely female) in your life! This absolutely gorgeous crocheted iPhone cover was created by Manuela from Bleu Et Rose. I particularly love the two flowers on it, one of which doubles as a “button.” You … Read more

Crochet Your Own Magical Wonderland! (Free Crochet Tutorial)

I bring to you now an incredibly unique, and very cute, crochet tutorial designed by Allison Hoffman of craftyiscool, who designed this tutorial for Michaels.com! This particular project makes a gorgeous display as springtime draws near, with its bright and cheerful colors which are, of course, solely yours to choose! This is also a wonderful … Read more