Beautiful Heart Bobble Stitch!

Today’s free pattern is a Crochet Heart Bobble Stitch. This beautiful crochet pattern will make a lovely blanket, as well as very attractive potholders if you make two squares and then attach them back to back. I do highly recommend that if you decide to crochet a set of potholders, you create two heart squares … Read more

How To Crochet Star Stitch

The crochet star stitch is a stitch pattern that consists of rows of starburst-like stitches, each of which is worked with multiple loops. There are many names for this stitch, and sometimes it is called the “Marguerite stitch,” or the “daisy stitch,” even “spiked cluster.” It is helpful to know these names, because it gives you … Read more

Amazing Apache Tears Crochet Technique! (FREE Tutorial)

Introducing an absolutely beautiful, but very easy (yes, really) crochet technique that works great for any number of projects including afghans and pillows! This is a technique that is incredibly captivating to the eyes, and finished projects, when completed in any number of colors, will keep everyone who sees them mesmerized for quite awhile! Although … Read more