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Magical Mason Jar Cozy Cover

Whenever I come across a homemade piece of fall décor, or something that is made myself, it makes my heart happy. My favorite thing about autumn is that it fills a special place in me that nothing else can fill, whether its the rich earthy hues or the cozy way that everything looks when the sun is shining through the trees in the autumn sun. The change of season arrived at my house this past week, and between the falling leaves, and the smell of frost in the air, I felt that I had to crochet something that would be appropriate for the season.

With these crocheted canning jar cozy patterns, you will be able to combine the rustic farmhouse feel of hemp with the elegance of lace for a unique piece of home decor that you can create within an hour or so. If you would like to give homemade jams, jellies, preserves, or fruit to friends and neighbors, these canning jar covers would also be a great gift. It may just be that I’m old-fashioned, but I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to be thought of in such a sweet manner as I have been described. 

You can either crochet these cozies to cover most of the jar, or make the ones you crochet shorter so they only cover the bottom 2-3 inches or so. Furthermore, instructions are provided for preparing these baskets for use as stand-alone baskets, so that they can be used independently. There are so many uses for these small patterns: covers for various bottles and jars in your house, such as candy jar covers, cotton ball jar covers, and so on. Plus, the pint size pattern may make good baby bottle covers for bigger bottles, made out of sock yarn.

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