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Amazingly Quick & Easy Earring Crochet Project! (Free Tutorial)

Here is a FREE crochet tutorial that shows you how to create these unique autumn leaf earrings.

Whether you need a quick gift in a pinch or a new pair of earrings for yourself, or whether you maybe just want to try a crochet project that is somewhat off the wall from your normal afghans and other crochet projects you see, why not try this unique autumn leaf earrings pattern?

These earrings are very lightweight and won’t weigh down ear lobes whatsoever!

In addition to what the designer calls “lace weight” yarn (although Size 10 doily thread and a smaller steel crochet hook would also work great), you will need some chain and what are called “jump rings,” both of which are readily available at most local hobby shops and craft stores.

It is important to note that you will also need a pair of jewelry needle-nose pliers to correctly manipulate the jump rings into the chains and the leaves.

Here is the pattern

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