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Adorable Amigurumi Bunnies and Carrots!

The perfect way to brighten up your Easter this year would be with the free crochet pattern for this adorable micro family of traveling rabbits!?!?!

Can there be anything more fun than this?  

This free crochet pattern will get you on track to decorating for Easter one step ahead of everyone else, while at the same time featuring your handmade touch!

As they stroll through the Easter egg fields, Mama Bunny and Daddy Bunny enjoy each other’s company.

Big Brother and Little Sister Bunny are a little bit rascally at heart, and play hide and seek in Easter eggs all the time.

Every bunny in the family enjoys being tucked away at the end of each day in a sweet carrot house for the night.

Playing with this cute little amigurumi crochet rabbit set is sure to be a lot of fun for kids.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: Doris Yu at Ravelry

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