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Amazing Americana Pillows FREE Crochet Pattern! 4th of July Treat!

First off, although these pillows are pretty downright fancy, they are also super-duper easy, even for a beginner, as the majority of the project involves only single crochet and double crochet!

Although I absolutely love the quarter circle of stars on the blue pillow, there really are many, many other options for sewing on the stars to create your own individual design!

The instructions in the link below include the two pillows and the stars.

It is important to note that prior to sewing together the blue panels and stuffing them with fiber-fill, you should sew on the stars first and then assemble the pillows.

The finished size of each of these pillows is approximately 16-1/2 inches x 16-1/2 inches.

One great thing about these pillows is that the crochet is so “dense,” there aren’t truly any holes in the crochet, which means you don’t need to sew pieces of fabric together to go within the crocheted part of the pillows.

You can instead just sew together the crocheted front and back of each pillow and then place your stuffing inside the crochet.

Here is the pattern

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