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Amazing Armchair Caddy! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

Are you on the constant hunt for your TV remote control(s), which somehow always seem to end up hidden deeply within the sides of your favorite recliner or couch?

This incredibly handy armchair/couch arm caddy will stop the never-ending hunt for your remotes!

This is a great beginner pattern, although if you do have some experience crocheting, you can also crochet up a larger or smaller size that has more or fewer pockets than the pattern for this 3-pouch caddy has!

Additionally, although the pattern has instructions for creating pockets only on one side of the caddy, you can also create a caddy that has pockets for both the outside of the arm of your favorite sitting place, or pockets for the inside of the arm as well.

Although there is a specific yarn recommended for this pattern (Premier Yarns Anti-Pilling Heather yarn), any worsted-weight yarn will work.

You will also need a US Size 8/H crochet hook, scissors, and a tapestry needle.

The finished size of the caddy, if the gauge and pattern are followed, ends up being 28 x 14 inches, although as mentioned above, you could elect to make the caddy larger or smaller. Even a beginner could likely create a custom width, length, and number of pockets, so beginners, feel free to give this one a try! You will be successful! Double crochet is the only stitch needed for this project (other than your beginning chain).

Here is the pattern

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