Charming Cup and Bottle Cozies!

Don’t let your next 4th of July celebration go by without having some of these incredibly patriotic and unique bottle and cup cozies on hand for your guests to use!

If you’ve ever attended a cookout in the middle of the summer when it’s nearing 100 degrees, or even higher, then you know how hot it is.

While you need the ice cold beverages to stay cool in the heat, you don’t like the fact that the bottles and cans sweat. This is because when the temperature outside is greater than the temperature inside the can or bottle, the air around it becomes saturated with water vapor. This causes the moisture to condense on the outside of the container, leading to the sweating effect.

In order to keep your hands dry, you find yourself carrying around napkins all the time.

There’s a simple solution for this – crochet a cup or bottle cozy (or many so that your guests each have their own) with cotton yarn! Cotton yarn is an absorbent material that can easily absorb any moisture on your hands. Once crocheted, it can easily fit around the cup or bottle, keeping it insulated and preventing any moisture from building up on your hands.

The cotton will help insulate the can and it will absorb the condensation that gathers on the outside of the container.

Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton worsted-weight yarn is recommended¬†for this project.

This “pattern” is actually two patterns in one, as the instructions for both the bottle cozy and the cup cozy are included in the same place!

Here is the pattern link

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