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Crochet Your Own Magical Wonderland! (Free Crochet Tutorial)

I bring to you now an incredibly unique, and very cute, crochet tutorial designed by Allison Hoffman of craftyiscool, who designed this tutorial for!

This particular project makes a gorgeous display as springtime draws near, with its bright and cheerful colors which are, of course, solely yours to choose!

This is also a wonderful decoration to draw out the inquisitive nature of children, who will absolutely adore imagining the possibilities of a secret world hidden inside!

Variegated or texture-changing yarn makes for a perfect green landscape!

Complete instructions for crocheting the cap (top) of the toadstool, the stem of the toadstool, the porch complete with roof and door, the large and small windows, and the grass are included in this one-of-a-kind tutorial that is sure to brighten up any place you decide to place it!

Additional items needed, other than the yarn, include a tapestry needle, embroidery needle, polyester fiberfill, a small piece of plastic canvas, two different colors of felt (blue and white are suggested in the tutorial), craft glue, a 1/2-inch brown button, and a 3-1/2 inch feather butterfly (normally available in the floral department of most craft stores).

Of course, feel free to dream up your own unique embellishments if you wish! We definitely hope you give this one a chance!

Here is the pattern

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