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Easter Isn’t Just for Bunnies!! (Free Crochet Tutorial)

Although I do plan on posting some more free bunny crochet tutorials, I just couldn’t resist adding this to our growing collection of free patterns to crochet for holidays!

The tutorial for this one includes step-by-step instructions for the eggs, the mini chick, and the wings the mini chick also apparently has, which although not visible in this picture, are probably as adorable as the rest of this project is!

This project can be done several ways…you could just crochet the egg itself, for stashing delicious Easter candy in…or you could crochet the egg and chick, and still stash a little bit of sweets inside…or you could just create a bunch of the chicks for Easter decorations!

So, bunnies, step aside and let these cuties in! We hope you enjoy this free crochet pattern!

Here is the pattern

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