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Fabulous July 4th Coasters!

These July 4th coasters are an incredibly quick and fun project!  They are easy to make and require only a few supplies. 

They also make a great last-minute gift or craft for the holiday, and are also a great way to show off your patriotic spirit! 

Additionally, they are perfect for protecting your furniture from spills and condensation. 

Start now and you can make these crochet 4th of July coasters before the holiday arrives! 

Are you planning an event that’s different? You can make them in any color you want to match your decor or event! Different colors that come to mind for me are a combination of white and pastels for Easter, orange and brown or black for Halloween, and, of course, red and green combined with white for Christmas!

Make them for all your friends and family! Everyone will love them! 

Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones! Show your patriotism and show off your crafting skills all at the same time with these crochet 4th of July coasters! 

Have fun and stay safe!

Here is the free pattern link

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