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Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween Centerpiece Pumpkins! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

The free crochet pattern for these lovely lacy pumpkin centerpieces provides instructions for crocheting up three different sizes of pumpkins, including a small pumpkin at 3 inches in diameter, a medium one at 5 inches diameter, and a large one which measures 7 inches in diameter!

These pumpkin decorations are truly unique, and will add some true decoration to your favorite Halloween table setting!

For this project, you will also needed a Size 1 crochet hook, Size 10 doily thread in orange and green (or your fave fall colors, whichever you prefer), a tapestry needle, straight pins, 9-inch balloons (these are used for all three sizes, and are filled with either more or less air depending on which size(s) you plan on crocheting), two 8×8 inch squares of plastic foam, round toothpicks, glue, household contact adhesive, plastic wrap, cellophane tape, plastic gloves, a fine point black marker, and spray acrylic clear sealer.

This crocheted decoration is definitely spectacular, so I hope you will give it a try!

Here is the pattern

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