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Home Canner’s Dream! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

If you SOMEHOW find time to crochet AND do your own home canning, then here is the perfect free crochet pattern for you!

This particular pattern is intermediate to advanced. This mainly is because some adaptation of the pattern to fit the particular type of canning jar lid may need to be made.

As a substitute, if you’re unsure about adapting the crochet pattern so that it will fit a particular type of jar lid, you could sew onto the bottom of the lid cover, on the inside of the cover, a 1/4-inch wide piece of elastic, which would make the lid cover easily adaptable to a number of different canning jar lids!

This crochet pattern suggests that sport-weight yarn be used. You will also need some pillow stuffing for the top decorations.

The direct link to this crochet pattern is below. Note that this link goes directly to the designer of this project. If you somehow find this free pattern from anywhere else, please delete it immediately.

There are sites where anonymous hackers upload pattern files containing viruses, allowing them to access your computer and steal your personal and financial details. This will not occur if you download this pattern directly from the creator, again, via the link below.

Here is the pattern

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