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Marvelous “Mug Rug” Coasters (FREE Crochet Pattern)

The free crochet pattern for these unforgettable coasters that look like miniature rugs truly works up very quickly, and would be a great gift to present to someone special!

They also make wonderful scrap yarn busters and don’t require a ton of yarn to complete.

As I always recommend with any type of crocheted coasters, 100% cotton yarn, rather than acrylic, is preferable to use, as cotton has a much better capability to absorb condensed moisture from iced beverages than does acrylic.

Each finished coaster measures 5 inches wide x 4-1/2 inches long without the fringe.

Gauge is not important for this project.

There are only 11 total rows for this project, followed by an edging round that goes around the entire edge of each coaster, done in single crochet. If you wanted slightly larger coasters, you could choose to add stitches to the rows, crochet an extra row or two, or even finish off the coaster with edging in double crochet rather than single crochet.

Here is the pattern

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