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Perfect Puffy Spike Stitch Afghan

There is no doubt that this crochet blanket pattern is the perfect accessory for the Christmas holidays, not only because it can be crocheted in Christmas colors, but also because it is very cozy and warm.

This makes it a great gift idea for just about anyone who needs a little warmth this holiday season, no matter what their age. In addition to that, it is a great addition to your home’s Christmas decor, whether you have it in your living room or bedroom.

That being said, this afghan is easily adaptable to other colors as well, so you can certainly make it your own, and crochet it in other colors for virtually any holiday or season during the year!

The puffy spike stitch will look great with any color scheme, whether it’s autumn colors, spring colors, cheery summer colors, or any other color scheme you choose to fit your home decor!

This crochet afghan pattern is made by working single crochet stitches and the puffy spike stitch together to make it.

This is an intermediate crochet stitch, but once you have learned the basics of crocheting, it shouldn’t be a problem to learn.

As with puff stitches, the puffy spike stitch is worked similar to a puff stitch in the sense that you insert your hook into the stitch and pull up the loop several times. Unlike a regular puff stitch, in the puffy spike stitch, all the loops are picked up in a different stitch instead of all the loops being picked up from the same stitch as in a regular puff stitch.

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