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Phenomenal Hexa-Puff Afghan! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

This FREE crochet pattern introduces a totally different and unique concept!

The individual puffs are called “apiary puffs” and they are filled with Poly-Fil stuffing.

The finished blanket would work wonderfully as a bed cover or a baby blanket. The stuffed “poofiness” of this would also make a great blanket to lay a baby on for unbeatable comfort!

Here is a close-up of the finished blanket.

For each hexagon, you will need to crochet a front “hex” and then a back hex, fill with stuffing, and then sew them together with a yarn needle and color-coordinated yarn.

Well worth the extra effort. This is definitely a more time-consuming and detailed crochet project than most, and it is recommended you leave yourself plenty of time for completion of even a smaller afghan.definitely!

Here is the pattern

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