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Preciously Perfect Pumpkin Wine Bottle Cozy!! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

Although this wine bottle cozy is presented here as one that resembles a pumpkin and would thus be great to present to someone at a Halloween party, it could also be crocheted up with a variety of other colors of yarn, depending on the holiday you have in mind!

Red/white/blue for July 4th, pastels for Easter, red/green/white for Christmas…and on and on I could go but will stop now! You get the idea!

For this project, you will need, for the Halloween version, worsted-weight yarn in orange, brown, and green. You will also need a US Size J hook, a tapestry needle, and scissors.

One very important thing to note is that this pattern requires that you crochet it with a double strand of yarn for the orange “body” of the wine cozy, as well as for the top (brown) part of the project. The remaining components require just one strand of yarn.

For the double strand (orange) part of the pattern, it is suggested that you can either pull one strand from the middle of the skein and then use the strand from the outside of the skein, or you can wind a small ball off of the end of your skein prior to starting the project.

This pattern uses the techniques of magic ring, single crochet, and double crochet, with a slip stitch thrown in now and then.

I hope you enjoy this one, and Happy Crocheting!

Here is the pattern

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