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Remember These??? Fantastic and Free Easter Crochet Project!

What is more magical than those chocolate hollow Easter eggs decorated with frosting that many of you, like myself, likely remember?!?

Maybe they even still sell the candy versions, I can’t recall having seen them as of late.

With this project you will also need to get some tiny figures and flowers in plastic or whatever type of medium you prefer (although plastic works the best because it is lightweight).

You will also need some embroidery thread for the colored “frosting” decorations on the outside of the egg, and some fiberfill or other type of enhancement for the inside of the egg.

This wonderful, one-of-a-kind tutorial leads you step by step through the 21 total rounds that comprise this tutorial, as well as the stitching of the “frosting” with embroidery thread for the absolutely unforgettable frosting decorations on the outside!

This is truly a remarkable Easter decoration that won’t soon be forgotten! Also would make a great gift item in which to stash some chocolate eggs!

Here is the pattern

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