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Scintillating Sachets of Love!

My yarn stash is quite extensive this year. I have so many little balls of yarn left over from previous projects, and one of my favorite ways to use some of my scrap yarn is to crochet sachets, both for myself and to give as gifts!

I usually crochet sachets with simple patterns like this one, and then fill them with dried lavender or other aromatic herbs. They make a perfect gift for any occasion, and are a great way to use up some of my yarn stash!

These little hearts can be used in so many ways, and not just for crocheting sachets either! Other uses for them include affixing them as appliques, or even leaving the tops of the hearts unsewed and using the hearts as little pockets to hold candy or treasures. They can also freshen up closets if you hang them in those.

Lavender makes a great filler for these sachets because of its wonderful aroma, although you could basically use any scented potpourri or essential oil of your choosing.

Whatever glorious scent you choose will perfume the air of either your home or your lucky gift recipient, which is sure to bring a smile!

Have fun making these! They work up incredibly quickly, and make wonderful last-minute gifts!

Here is the pattern link

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