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Scintillating Snowflake Wreath!

The Snowflake Wreath you can make from this free crochet pattern is the ideal addition to your Christmas decorations this year!

Understated, easy and simple to conform to any color theme, it’s a true winner!

Constructed from a simple foam wreath and two distinct snowflake motifs, this truly is a crochet project that even beginning crocheters can successfully complete. 

All you need to do is stiffen the snowflakes with some PVA glue or starch and the wreath will last you for years and years to come.  

Enhance your crochet Christmas decor with this beautiful and simple crochet snowflake wreath.

Ideal to adorn doorways or walls, this groundbreaking festive crochet pattern is much simpler than it appears and is a pleasure to make.  

The suggested foam wreath size is 9.8 inches, although you could make larger or smaller ones and just increase or decrease the number of snowflakes you crochet.

Please note that you will need to scroll down quite a bit before you will see the actual patterns for the two different snowflakes, but rest assured that they are there at the link below.

Here is the pattern

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