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Spectacular Sweetheart Soiree Doily! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

The free crochet pattern for this Sweetheart Soiree doily is a gorgeous project that is rated as being at the intermediate crochet level! The texture this doily has when completed makes it really pop!

There are a total of 23 rounds for this pattern, and the finished doily measures approximately 10-1/2 inches in diameter.

For this project, you will need two different colors of Size 10 doily thread (for the main color you will need 125 to 150 yards and for the outer color you will need 5-10 yards), a US Size 5 (1.75 mm) steel crochet hook, a yarn needle, and scissors.

This pattern utilizes techniques including BPdc (back post double crochet), FPdc (front post double crochet), FPsc (front post single crochet), hdc (half double crochet), sc (single crochet), and scBLO (single crochet back loop only).

There are also some special stitches required, and very clear instructions for all of them are provided within the pattern.

There are also a TON of step-by-step pictures for each of the rounds of the doily, which will really help you to follow along and get each round correct.

The instructions for this particular crochet pattern are excellent, and I do hope you give this one a try! It would make a spectacular Valentine’s Day gift or home decor item around that time of year!

Here is the pattern with pictures

Here is the pattern with ONLY the written instructions (printer-friendly version)

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