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Stunning “Fortune’s Shawlette” Shawl Free Crochet Tutorial!

Here is a step-by-step free crochet pattern for this stunning crocheted shawl titled “Fortune’s Shawlette.”

As you can see from the featured image here, it can also be very easily converted to a cowl!

Imagine having a few of these in different colors to accompany all of your wardrobe favorites!

This particular design is terrific for either the winter or summer months, as it is incredibly lightweight when done!

Additionally, the writer of this pattern said she used just one skein of Knit Picks Fingering Hawthorne yarn and had just 1 yard of yarn left over, making for an awesomely unwasteful pattern as well!

If you wanted to create one of these in a thicker, more heavy, and bigger fashion, you could consider using heavier weight yarn and/or use the fingering weight yarn and simply increase the number of rows you crochet.

Here is the pattern

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