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The Cutest FREE Halloween Crochet Pattern Ever!


Although at first glance you may think crocheting these earrings is absolutely a piece of cake, eazy, peezy, and whatever…think again!

If you are someone who is up for a challenge, this project would be a good one for you to tackle!

This earrings crochet pattern , although simply requiring single crochet and slip stitch, is not the hard part about this pattern.

What makes this pattern difficult is that rather than your standard F or G hook and some worsted weight yarn, you are using a teeny, tiny 1.5 mm crochet hook and crochet thread size #10 (in other words, doily thread).

Once you get through the first few rows you will find the going gets much easier.

Please give this one a try (or several).

Needed materials and tools include:

Size 10 doily thread in black and purple (or whatever colors you want), and a Size 8 (1.5 mm) crochet hook, as well as some ear wires, which can be purchased at most local craft stores.

Here is the pattern

Image and pattern source:

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