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The Ultimate Beer Drinker’s St. Patrick’s Day Crochet Project! (FREE Tutorial)

If your fave beer drinkers have a plan to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day by guzzling more than their fair share of barley pop, then you really should consider crocheting up some of these beer cozies!

Not only does the cozy part of the project work to insulate the beverage and keep it cold longer than it would out in the open air, the bottom of the hat also serves as a coaster, preventing those ugly rings we all despise.

So get out your green, yellow, and black scrap yarn and a Size H hook, and get ready for a simple, quick project that works up in no time!

I have included Amazon links to the needed supplies/tools, in the event you don’t have some of them on-hand.

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Here is the pattern

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